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q: What is MiraQuleTM?

It is the key component in every cell that gives it energy and acts as our bodyís super antioxidant. (Antioxidants remove the harmful free radicals produced by the body that result in several diseases)   

q: What are the Side Effects of CoQ10?

Mild gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea and epigastric distress have  been reported with higher dosages (300 mg or more daily). If pregnant or are taking medications, please consult with your health care provider before taking this product.

q: What are the reasons for low CoQ10 levels in the Human body?

a: The reasons for low levels of CoQ10 in the body are:

  • Insufficient Dietary Intake: Poor nutrition, and inadequate vitamin intake.
  • Ageing Process: CoQ10 levels decline in the body naturally with age, and are often low in people experiencing poor health.

q: Should you take CoQ10 even if you donít have serious health conditions?

a: Supplementation of CoQ10 with its ubiquitous presence helps us to stay healthy due to its diverse benefits. It prevents organ systems against several impending diseases.

Advisable dosage is a daily 50 mg dose. For additional energy, heart health and other therapeutic benefits, 100 mg or more is advised.

q: Where is CoQ10 found in the body and how is it produced in the body?

a: CoQ10 is present in every cell of the body. The highest amounts of CoQ10 are found in the in the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. The lowest amounts are found in the lungs.

CoQ10 is synthesized in the body in the presence of amino acids tyrosine, several vitamins and trace elements.Lack of any of these nutrients, life style factors and environmental stress results in the impairment of the CoQ10 formation in our body.

We consume 2-5 mg per day15,16 which is insufficient  for any benefit, hence exogenous supplementation or body replenishment is the only way to compensate these low levels.

q: What drugs inhibit the production of CoQ10 in the Body?

a: Intake of the following drugs inhibit CoQ10 production in the body and hence exogenous supplementation is recommended:

  • Cholesterol Lowering Medications like Statins
  • Cardiovascular Medications like Beta-Blockers
  • Antidiabetic Medications and Vasodilators
  • Antidepressant Medications like Tricyclic Antidepressants

q: When Should You Not Take CoenzymeQ10?

a: Do not use CoQ10 if you are having anticoagulants like wafarin.

q: What are the recommended Dosages of CoQ10?

a: 100mg daily with or after food for maximum benefit or as directed by the physician.

q: How is MiraQuleTM Available?

a: MiraQuleTM is available as a pack of 10 tablets in both 50 mg MiraQuleTM and 100 mg MiraQuleTM packaging at your nearest chemists.